Isaac Davis

I recently went on the Isaac Davis hike in Acton, Ma. The hike is held every year in commemoration of the Acton Minuteman’s historic hike from Acton to Concord to confront the British troops. The trail is about 7 miles long beginning at Isaac Davis’s house and ending at the Old North Bridge at Concord.

I arrived with the troop a little after 7, in a windy and mostly empty field. It took a while to find our plot, and once we had it took even longer to set up tents. We had the wrong rainfly for some reason, so we went to get a new one, but that didn’t fit either, and it turned out the first one did fit. Eventually, we got all the tents set up, and just in time because as soon as we got in it started to rain.

With the winds howling the walls of the tent started to shake, much more than they should be. I asked Aidan if he had done the clips on the side, his response, “what clips?” Being the trooper I am, I put on his Minuteman shoes, and heels sticking out went outside to do up the clips. It turned out that it was so cold that the rain had frozen, even though it had only started raining 15 minutes ago. As I got back in I noticed the rain was seeping through the floor, so I moved my bag onto the tarp. Doing the clips hadn’t helped, the walls were still flapping loudly and violently.

I eventually got a miserable 15 minutes of sleep, only to awake to realize my gloves weren’t on the tarp and were sopping wet. I slowly got up to Owen’s yell to wake up. He said that we shouldn’t pack now, but I, being a rebel at heart and having the foresight to know that I wouldn’t want to pack later packed up then went outside. It was around 4:00, so still rather dark. The rain had somewhat abated but was still coming down. I waited around for a bit, then got onto a bus. I had decided not to bring my poncho, which in retrospect, was a horrible idea.

We arrived at the high school, got off the busses, then walked over to the starting point. The troop had been divided into two groups, myself in the lead group. We waited for the others, but they didn’t arrive until much later. I waited for them out of the rain in the porta-potties. Eventually, they arrived and we set off. We quickly arrived at Isaac Davis’s house, and after a shortened ceremony and a musket volley we set off again. Eventually, we arrived at the town center. There we had another abbreviated ceremony and a musket volley. To our surprise, we were told to load back onto the busses. Everyone complained that we wouldn’t be doing the hike, but I, in my poncho-less state was happy to be out of the rain.

After a quick bus ride, we arrived at the Old North Bridge. There we were given a talk from a park ranger about the history of the site, and then we went back onto the busses, desperate for a warmer and dryer place. We took the bus back to camp, and stiff from the cold we packed up the remainder of our gear and collapsed the tents. We waited next to a puddle on the roadside for Owen’s dad to pick us up. Eventually, he arrived and we left, leaving behind the camp for next time, but taking with us the memories of a true character-building experience.

Overall it was a 6/10 experience. It would be lower but I was only there for about 15 hours. I would definitely recommend if it was a warmer day.

Until next time,


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