The Summit

So, Philmont got canceled. Wildfires in the area have forced them for the first time ever to close the camp. Luckily, Summit graciously let us go there instead. We spent about a week in West Virginia.


Over the course of the week, we got to do many fun activities, although some were canceled due to weather concerns. The full list is Cope (Delayed), Big Zip, Mountain Biking (Delayed), Whitewater Rafting, Conservation (Ended Early), BMX (Cancelled), Skateboarding (Main Park Closed), Shotgunning, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Zipline Tours, and Climbing. Most activities had a large facility you had scheduled and a smaller one you could visit in your free time.


Overall, the camp was very nice and modern. The tents had some issues, mine even broke and all my stuff got wet. The tents housed two on cots, they were small but we were only in there to sleep so it was fine. The camp was covered in wifi towers and water stations. I didn’t bring my phone but I heard the internet was very fast. The water didn’t taste very good but was cold. Bathrooms were clean but the scouts were very messy. The food was very good. All the areas were in very good condition and seemed well maintained. The staff was well trained and very kind.  I will say the mountain bikes weren’t very nice and many needed repairs.

My Experience

Overall, I had a blast at The Summit. Even though the rain closed many areas I was still able to have lots of fun. Over the week I tried a lot of new things I would never have thought I’d do, like a mile long zip line that gets up to speeds of 60 miles per hour. My favorite activity was skateboarding. By the end of the week, I had overcome my fear and dropped in on the halfpipe. However, when I got back to Boston and went to the park I broke my wrist dropping in. Most nights I would walk around the camp with my friends until 10. For some reason, everyone disappeared around 9 so we had the camp to ourselves. The Summit was an awesome and totally different experience, that I would recommend to anyone.

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